iDOS for iPad
for non-jailbroken iPads
(also known as DOSpad)

See the original DOSpad project by litchie
Check out the official DOSpad forums here

This Xcode project works with Xcode 4.2 and iOS 5

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This project was downloaded from the DOSpad Google Code project which can be found here. All I did to get it working with my non-jailbroken iPad was tweak some of the project settings so that it would compile and link without any errors. No code changes were made except for changing an incompatible define so that it would compile with Xcode 4.2.

To get this to compile and link for your iPad just make sure you change the following settings:

1. Make sure the bundle id in info.plist is setup with your own development bundle id
2. Make sure the code signing identity in project settings is changed to reflect your own code signing id.

Not sure if there are any hard coded paths in this project but just in case I put my project in the following path. If you use the same path then it should find all the necessary header files without any changes to the project.


I have no plans to update this project. litchie has abandoned iDOS in favor of his new DOS emulator called Aemula Oldies which can be found on the App Store.

How to use iDOS

To learn more about the iDOS project visit the official website at the following link:

iDOS/DOSpad for iPad

Documentation can be found on the official website or just click here.

iDOS project for non-jailbroken iPads

The full project based on the v1.95 code can be downloaded here:

iDOS source code for Xcode v1.95 for Xcode 4.2 and iOS 5

December 26, 2011

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