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Xbox LIVE! Community Games

Fuel Depot 360 is a space shooter for the Xbox 360 and is available from the Xbox LIVE! Community Games service. The Win32 version you download here is a 5 level demo.

Your goal is to protect the 10 fuel pods from the incoming pirate ships. Your fighter is armed with several weapons to help you succeed.


The pirates will come at you with 3 different vessels. As you progress through the levels the pirates get smarter, faster and more aggressive.

Enemy Attacker

Enemy Attacker

An Attacker will destroy any resistance encountered (you) and is very dangerous. They usually roam around looking for something to shoot at. They can also tow away fuel pods if they get bored.

Enemy Tug

Enemy Tug

A Tug will tow away the fuel pods and is invisible to your targeting computer so missiles won't work on them. They are unarmed and very stealthy.

Enemy Rammer

Enemy Rammer

Rammers will usually escort the tugs and attack you if you interfere. They are armed, fearless and fast and will ram you if necessary. They can tow away fuel pods too.


Your ship is armed with 4 weapons.

1. A pulse cannon which is a rapid fire pulse laser. You intially start out with only this weapon.

2. A nuke weapon which destroys all enemy vessels within a certain radius. You can only carry 9 nukes.

3. Heat seeking missiles (fire and forget). Your ship can hold only 9 missiles.

4. Laser beam which is an instant-hit weapon. You fire it and if any enemy is in it's path, they are instantly vaporized. Your ship can hold enough charge for 99 shots.

Weapon Spheres

Weapon spheres are dropped randomly by the enemy when you vaporize them. The weapon spheres contain the alternate weapons for your ship which include nukes, missiles and laser beams.


Download these if you don't have them already installed on your machine:

XNA RUNTIME (required to play) - 2.1mb

.NET 2.0 RUNTIME (required for XNA) - 23mb

WINDOWS INSTALLER 3.1 (required for .NET 2.0) - 2.5mb


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Friday,September 12, 2008