iBots Time Bubbles

for the iPad

Copyright 2011 by Les Bird

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About the iBots

The iBots live on a planet far away. A planet made up entirely of machines. Many space travelers have crash landed on their planet and are being held prisoner inside frozen time bubbles.
You've managed to infiltrate their security systems and have taken control of the time bubble freezer. The freezer will create new colored bubbles and shoot them into the time chamber. However, there's a flaw in the design that the iBots don't know about. If three bubbles of the same color are attached, they pop and free the frozen travelers.

About the Game

iBots Time Bubbles is a casual match-3 color game. It is played in similar fashion to the popular puzzle game called Puzzle Bobble and Bust-A-Move. You shoot bubbles up and try to connect 3 or more of the same color. When this happens the bubbles pop and any bubbles that were connected to them and not linked to the top are dropped. Bonus points are awarded for the number of dropped bubbles. As you play the game the bubbles will get lower and lower. Once a frozen bubble crosses the red terminator line you lose the game. You have 5 lives and when all lives are used up your score is reset to 0 and game play resumes from where you left off.

The iBots Time Bubbles game supports Apple's Game Center for the iPad. There are 12 leaderboards and 30 achievements.

iBots Time Bubbles has 2 play modes:

Relaxed Mode

In relaxed mode you play forever. There are no limits to the number of levels and each level is randomly generated.

Puzzle Mode

In puzzle mode you're given a set number of levels that are hand designed. Each level has a solution but may not be simple to solve. A time bonus is awarded for how quickly you can solve the puzzle.

iPad Screenshots

iBots Time Bubbles Screen

iBots Time Bubbles Screenshot

iBots Time Bubbles Screenshot

iBots Time Bubbles was designed and coded for the iPad by Les Bird in 2011.

iBots Time Bubbles uses the Cocos2D game engine for the iPhone and iPad.

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June 3, 2012