X vs O Football
for the iPad
Copyright 2011 by Les Bird

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X vs O Football is a unique take on the X & O Football games. In X vs O Football you design out your own plays by drawing them on the iPad touchscreen. When you're ready just tap on the quarterback to hike the ball and your receivers and backs will run the routes that you designed.

In X vs O Football you control your players by sliding your finger anywhere on the screen. The player with the ball will always move towards your finger. To pass the ball just tap anywhere on the screen and that's where the ball will land. If there are any receivers in the area they will run and catch the ball if it's in range (try not to overthrow your receivers!).

The quarterback can run or pass the ball. If a backwards pass is made the receiver can then pass the ball again so plays like the flea flicker will work just fine.

How does the scoring work?

There are 2 scoring methods in X vs O Football.

There's the traditional scoring by touchdowns. If you pass the ball and score a touchdown it is worth 6 points. If you run the ball in as the quarterback it is worth 7 points.

Then there are bonus points awarded for:

1ST DOWNS - 1,000 points
Touchdowns - 2,500 for pass or 5,000 for run
Every yard gained earns you 10 points each
Scoring a touchdown in less than 10 plays scores a maximum of 5,000 points

Team and quarterback stats are recorded including total yards, total points scored, total yards rushed to name a few. A quarterback rating is computed based on the official NFL formula (158.3 is a perfect rating).

Game Center (if logged in) will record your best touchdown score and your best bonus point score

  • iPhone version
  • bonus points for pass play increased from 1000 to 2500
  • bonus points for single play passing touchdown is now 5000
  • 3 time outs
  • 2 minute time limit
  • 5 minute time limit
  • new leaderboards for 2 and 5 minute games
  • pass completions are worth 1000 pts
  • difficulty settings: high school, college, pro
  • pass completions are more reliable in college and pro
Want new features added? Send them via e-mail and I'll see what I can do.


X vs O Football for iPad

X vs O Football for iPad

X vs O Football

X vs O Football

X vs O Football

X vs O Football

X vs O Football

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June 3, 2012