Heathkit H89 Emulator FAQs

for the iPad

Q. Nothing happens when pressing the BOOT button.

Two things could cause this. (1) you don't have a bootable disk image in drive SY0: or (2) the emulator is waiting for you to press the SPACEBAR to autodetect the baud rate.

  1. To insert a bootable disk image in drive SY0 tap in the upper area of the screen to bring up the disk library. Scroll down by swiping your finger until you see the disk labeled "HDOS_3-02_1_System.h8d". Tap this disk image and it will be inserted in drive SY0.
  2. Once you insert a bootable disk in SY0 tap the BOOT button. If this is a distribution disk image that has never been booted before the emulated system will wait for you to press the SPACEBAR so it can detect the baud rate. When you do this it should then boot to the operating system.
Note that once you use a disk it is copied to your "My Images" section in the disk library. You can then select that disk image from now on and you will not have to press the SPACEBAR again.


August 3, 2011