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iBots is a turn-based web-game written in JavaScript and designed for the iPhone.

The object is to kill as many iBots (red spheres) as possible by moving your blue sphere around the playfield and forcing the iBots to run into the barriers. The iBots will always move towards you and will attempt to avoid the barriers. If an iBot touches a barrier, the barrier will turn red and the iBot will be destroyed. When a red barrier is touched again by another iBot the barrier and the iBot will both be destroyed.


You have a jump button that, when pressed, will jump you to a random location in the playfield. This random location may be on top of a barrier, in which case you will be destroyed and the iBots win. If you start the game in an impossible situation you may jump as many times as you want until you reach what you feel is a safe starting position. These first jumps will be guaranteed to be safe positions until you make your first move.


Moving your blue sphere is accomplished by simply touching your finger in an empty space next to your sphere. You cannot move on top of a barrier, only an empty space or you can choose to not move by touching your sphere.


A rating is computed based on the number of kills, number of wins and the number of games played. When a game is completed (a win or a lose) you can start the next game by pressing the Play button. The Play button will only work if a game is won or lost - you cannot accidentally restart in the middle of a game.

(iPhone or Safari browser only)

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Saturday, July 28, 2007