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iTrek is a turn-based web-game written in JavaScript and designed for the iPhone.

The object is to defeat the Klingon Empire's evil plans to conquer the galaxy. The Federation is the only remaining force in the galaxy that can complete the task. They have dispatched you, the captain of the Enterprise, to succeed.

You have a limited number of days to complete your mission. Each turn you take passes time and when you run out of days, the Klingon's win.

 How To Play

The galaxy is divided up into 64 quadrants which is displayed as a grid of 8 across and 8 down. Each quadrant has 100 sectors (10 across, 10 down). Each sector can contain nothing (empty space), a star, a Klingon, a starbase and you, the Enterprise.

Star= Klingon= Starbase= Enterprise=

On the right side of the grid is where you can find some informative information:

Q: = the current quadrant you're in

D: = the current stardate

L: = status of life support systems

E: = energy level (phasers use energy when fired)

T: = number of torpedoes in your inventory

S: = shield energy remaining

K: = number of Klingon's left

DAYS: = time left before the empire wins

 How To Move Around

Manuever your vessel within a sector by selecting an empty space. Your ship will move there. Also, you can select a starbase and your ship will move to the starbase and dock with it. While docked, your ship is replenished with energy and your torpedoes are restocked.

To move to another quadrant, select the WARP button then select a quadrant to warp to. The quadrant map describes each quadrant with a 3 digit number. The 1st is the number of Klingon's in that quadrant, the 2nd digit is whether or not there is a starbase located there and the 3rd digit shows the number of stars.

(iPhone, Safari and Opera browser only)

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Saturday, August 4, 2007