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Levitar 3D is a game where you must pilot your ship and destroy the enemy stations while fighting gravity (inspired by the 1982 Atari arcade game 'Gravitar'). To aid your mission you are given a small arsenal of weapons. The primary weapon is a rapid fire gun that fires standard projectiles and consumes no ship resources. The static gun is a limited range laser beam weapon that destroys enemies on contact but consumes large amounts of fuel. The bfb is a wide area bomb that destroys anything (including yourself) in it's blast radius. The final weapon in your arsenal is the cluster bomb which upon impact with the ground breaks up into several smaller clusters.

Fuel can be replenished by using your ship's tractor beam on the enemy stations or the fuel pods located on the ground. Bonus points are awarded for fuel pods that are not destroyed upon completion of each level.

A progressive scoring system is in place. Each station destroyed adds to an accumulated score such that the next station is worth more than the previous. Once you get destroyed the accumulator resets.

Levitar 3D uses ODE



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Friday, October 14, 2005